Cool games to play on your Game Dad

Yurivania: Uhaul of the Night

By MxAshlynn, available at

I said to my mate "Yurivania" and they gave me this Face, the Face you're probably making right now at that name, but I followed up with the subtitle which clarified that this game is made by an actual lesbian and not a horny cis guy; anyway, there is no lewdity in this game and it is not a dating simulator. The dating happened before the game started, now you're doing Cosy Relationship Maintenance in the ComfortCore Platformer genre.

You play a Medusa who's asking her plant-based girlfriend to move in with her, so you'll need to gather a bunch of stuff to outfit your place with plant-based life support. You live in a massive lesbian monster castle and the game is largely about navigating this under-constant-construction space while chatting with its inhabitants, all of whom are well-written fleshed-out skeletons/demons/mythical creatures. The game didn't fall into the trap of writing in a total jerk for extra challenge or conflict or whatever; there's presumably a jerk somewhere in the castle but the jerkery happens offscreen, the conflict is player vs environment and all the people you talk to are delightful wholesome respectful nurturing... human-eating monsters.

You can play it on a Game Dad, a Game Boy Colour with a flash cart, a GBC emulator on your computer or phone, and if you don't have any of those things then you can straight-up just click a button and play it right in your browser. Free or pay what you want.

There's a sequel and a prequel too but I haven't played them yet but plan to soon.


Now where did I put that Under Construction gif